Wild Turkey Convinces Traffic Cop To Let Driver Off With Just A Warning

They'd better be thankful 😂

Not all guardian angels have wings.

But for this lucky motorist, theirs did.

Livermore Police Department

A motorcycle cop in Livermore, California, had just pulled over a driver on a routine traffic stop one day last November when a feathered passerby decided to insert himself into the situation.

It was a wild turkey who, evidently, was none too pleased to see police on his turf. And he wasn't afraid to show it.

Here’s body cam footage of what happened next:

Hounded relentlessly by the territorial turkey, the motorcycle cop decided the best way to keep the peace would be to leave the scene — letting the driver of the car he’d pulled over off with just a warning.

The wild turkey had unwittingly gotten them out of a ticket.

"Things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving," the Livermore Police Department wrote.