Wild Raccoons Keep Visiting Dog Friend To Play Hide-And-Seek

They have their own secret language ❤️

When Cheryl Stephen’s German shepherd, Sarge, suddenly passed away, she thought no dog could ever fill his shoes. The gentle soul had been a best friend to all animals, large and small, as well as a protector of the rescued fawns his mom often nursed back to health.

So when a young corgi mix named Chief joined Stephen’s family, she wasn’t sure the “low-rider” would be able to handle her hectic household full of wildlife. Luckily, Chief soon proved he had the same gentle and loving disposition as his predecessor.

Corgi eats with wild raccoons
Cheryl Stephen

While Sarge had loved fawns, Chief has developed a bond with a different wild animal: raccoons.

Last year, Stephen raised a trio of orphaned raccoons and released them into the wild. The raccoon siblings still come to visit when they want a special snack or need help. One of the rescued raccoons, named Magnolia, even started bringing her babies — and Chief instantly fell in love with the mischievous kits.

Corgi is best friends with wild raccoon kits
Cheryl Stephen

“She lives wild now, but sometimes brings her little ones home for meals and apparently to play with Chief,” Stephen told The Dodo. “I’ve never seen Chief bite or hurt the raccoons even though he’s bigger, so he has Sarge’s kind spirit.”

Chief and the four raccoon babies can often be found in the yard playing games of tag and hide-and-seek. Stephen has no idea how the animals communicate — but it’s clear they understand each other.

“They roll and hop and wrestle — it’s adorable,” Stephen said. “Sometimes, the little ones tug on Chief’s tail or jump onto his back. Chief rolls over in surrender, and they climb all over him. They often eat together.”

“Maybe Chief thinks he’s a raccoon,” she added.

Dog plays hide-and-seek with raccoons
Cheryl Stephen

Stephen has no idea if Chief’s friendship with the raccoon babies will last past the summer, but for now they're the perfect playmates.

“I love it that all the animals here get along — even the wildlife,” Stephen said.

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