This Wild Pig Has The Wildest-Looking Teeth You've Ever Seen

They grow straight through their mouths! 🤯

When you first look at the babirusa, you might think that this strange boar has antlers of some kind — when actually they’re very long, curved, crazy-looking teeth. 

wild pig with crazy teeth
Bill Roque/

Babirusas are a type of wild pig found in Indonesia. They tend to hang out in groups, eat mostly leaves and fruit and are very strong swimmers. There are plenty of fun facts about these guys, but their strange tusks are by far their most interesting feature. 

wild pig with crazy teeth
Vladimir Wrangel/

The upper tusks on the male babirusas literally grow through the roofs of their mouths and curve back towards their eyes, and are unusually long. While they are indeed teeth, they look a lot like antlers, which is how the babirusas got their name in the first place. It translates to “pig-deer.” 

At first glance, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on with these weird-looking pigs, except that they’re very unique and pretty darn cool to look at. 

wild pig with crazy teeth
Petr Masek/

Not a ton is known about babirusas as they’re very shy and prefer to stay hidden in the forests where they live. However, it’s speculated that their strange tusks are meant to protect the males during fights with other babirusas, and other animals in general. 

wild pig with crazy teeth
JPL Designs/

Babirusas are for sure one of a kind and don’t look anything like any other kind of pig out there. Their long tusks make them unique — and, luckily, they're a protected species in Indonesia, so everyone can continue to see just how special they really are.