Wild Parrot Falls Madly In Love With Woman Who Showed Her Kindness

"I felt like I was chosen" ❤️

Recently, an unexpected visitor flew onto the porch of Carolina Medeiros’ home in Brazil.

It was a wild parrot — and before long, she’d enter Medeiros’ heart as well.

Carolina Medeiros

The golden-capped parakeet, a type of parrot native to the region, had seemingly landed on Medeiros’ porch to merely rest her wings. She then announced her arrival with a hearty squawk, which prompted Madeiros to step outside.

“I was extremely surprised,” Medeiros told The Dodo.

Not wanting to be a bad host to that surprise guest, Medeiros decided to offer the bird a snack.

Carolina Medeiros

Medeiros grabbed a banana and held it out for her.

“She was very shy and skittish at first, but that changed when she saw the banana,” Medeiros said. “It was magical.”

And with that, a remarkable love story began.

Carolina Medeiros

After that first encounter, the parrot flew off to rejoin her flock in a nearby tree. But she wouldn’t be gone for long.

The next day, she returned. And this time, Medeiros gave her some berries.

“She started feeling confident,” Medeiros said.

Carolina Medeiros

On the third day, the little bird was back — going so far as to let herself into Medeiros' apartment.

"I felt like I was chosen," Medeiros said.

Medeiros named her Tatá.

Carolina Medeiros

Following those visits, Tatá would always fly away back to where her flock was. But the visits didn't stop.

Rather than wait for Medeiros on the porch, however, Tatá began taking a more proactive approach to get her attention. Medeiros started getting early-morning wake-up calls.

"She'd go to my house at 6:30 a.m. and knock on the window until I opened it so she could enter," Medeiros said.

Tatá had fallen in love.

This happened daily. And each visit lasted longer and longer. Soon, Tatá and Medeiros were rarely apart.

"She'd spend most of the day with me," Medeiros said. "Then, at around 6:30 p.m., she'd fly to the top of a tree right near my house with the rest of her flock."

Medeiros had fallen in love with Tatá, too.

Carolina Medeiros

Being woken up by a bird every day took some getting used to. But the bond Medeiros and Tatá had formed made it all worthwhile.

"I never imagined that a connection between a wild animal and a human being could happen in such a fast and intense way," Medeiros said.

Carolina Medeiros

Part of what made Tatá and Medeiros' friendship so remarkable was that the little bird was always free to go explore the world. And one day, it seems she did just that.

"Tatá visited me for seven consecutive days and then ended up leaving with her flock," Medeiros said. "I love being free to fly, but I always come back to those I love, just like Tatá did to me."


It's impossible to say for certain if Tatá will visit Medeiros once again, or if she's followed her flock to a new stomping ground for good. But she's always welcome back.

"The house is hers," Medeiros said. "I liked to joke that I'm her pet human. I'll always be keeping an eye out for her."

Regardless of whether or not Tatá returns, the memories she left behind are ones Medeiros won't soon forget.

"Our bond was unique and incredible," she said. "Tatá felt my intention, she felt my affection and love. After this experience, I certainly see animals in a different way."