Wild Monkey Walks Into Doctor's Office To Get Help For Her Baby

She knew just where to go ❤️

Earlier this week, an unusual pair of patients arrived at the doors of Dr. S.M. Ahmed’s medical clinic in India.

It was a wild monkey and her tiny baby — and they appeared to be asking for help.

Twitter/Shivam Bajpai

According to IndiaTimes, Ahmed noticed that the monkey outside his clinic had an injury on her head, and her baby had a hurt leg. Ahmed then signaled for the monkeys to come inside.

There, with her baby clutched around her chest, the monkey sat calmly as Ahmed offered treatment to both her and her child.

“Dr. Ahmed administered tetanus injection and also spread ointment on the wounds of both the monkeys,” the news outlet reported.

Here’s that moment on video:

Following the treatment, the mother monkey and her baby were allowed to rest on the clinic's bed as a crowd of curious onlookers gathered to see Ahmed’s unlikely patients. Despite the bustle, the monkey had chosen the perfect place to get help for her baby.

Afterward, the pair were reportedly well enough to leave the clinic on their own accord — a happy ending made possible by both the mom's devotion to her baby and the doctor who knew he had to help.