Wiggly ‘Wake-Up’ Pup Makes Sure Kids Start Their Day Off With A Smile

She's definitely a morning dog.

Meet Tallie — a very wiggly dog who loves nothing more than making wake-up calls for the little kids in her family.

It's a job she takes seriously.

Tallie, a friendly goldendoodle, lives at home with Brittney Landrum and her family. Tallie’s also clearly a morning dog, always eager to bounce and play at the earliest opportunity.

So, with that in mind, Landrum’s kids apparently decided to enlist their pup to serve as an alarm clock of sorts — rousting them from sleep each morning with a wild flurry of licks and kisses.

Here’s footage of Tallie in action:

“Tallie loves waking up her friends! And BOTH kids ask for this!” Landrum wrote online. “Happy Alarm Clock!”

Unlike most traditional alarm clocks, Tallie doesn’t appear to have a snooze button — but her method of making wake-up calls does ensure the family starts their day off with a smile.