Water-Loving Dog Has Most Hilarious Reactions To Jumping Into Pool

"He can't wait to get in" 💦

Chewbaka has always loved water, but he never dreamed he could use his hobby to compete in an official dock-diving event. The 4-year-old English bulldog is now one of the most decorated dogs in his breed and class. But if you ask him, he’s just in it for pure fun — as shown in the hilarious mid-jump photos at each competition.

Dog jumps into the water.
Mark L. Baer/MLB Photography

The hobby of dock-diving came about during the pandemic when Michelle Kinder, Chewy’s mom, needed something to keep him busy.

“I ordered Chewy a basic agility set off of Amazon,” Kinder said. “It contained weave poles, jumps and a tunnel. We started playing around with the agility set in the backyard, and he was a natural.”

Dog jumps into the water.
Mark L. Baer /MLB Photography

Eventually, Kinder took Chewy to their local lake for training and play.

“He jumped right in with no issue,” Kinder said.

Watch Chewy jump off a dock here:

Recognizing Chewy’s talent, she immediately signed him up for swim lessons and an agility class, where they had a dock to train for competitions.

A dog jumps into the water.
Stacie Parks

Chewy practiced jumping off docks for months before he was ready to compete. Now, belly-flopping into the water is the highlight of his day.

“He starts vocalizing when we get near a facility,” Kinder said. “Only this year, he has started barking and lunging to get on the dock, and this is when I know he is very excited.”

“He will turn circles, bark and jump to get his bumper and can’t wait to get in the water,” she added.

Dog dives off a dock to get a toy.
Michelle Kinder

So far, Chewy has earned his Dock Junior title. He’s working on his Dock Junior advanced title and typically competes in the senior open division.

To celebrate each competition — win or lose — Kinder treats Chewy to something he loves.

“We will celebrate his accomplishments by getting him a special treat,” she said. “New toys are a must, and he will get a new chew bone.”

A dog shows off his awards.
Michelle Kinder

Even younger brother, Little Chick, is getting in on the fun now — thanks to Chewy's example.

Dog jumps into the water.
Stacie Parks

The active bulldog is currently recovering from surgery, but he’ll get back to competing in July. Kinder credits Chewy’s love of the sport for her own growth.

“Chewy has brought so much joy in our lives,” Kinder said. “He’s shown me how fun it is to work as a team, and that being in dog sports has allowed me to meet many amazing people. This would not have occurred if it wasn’t for him.”

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