Watch This Fearless Little Frog ‘Body Slam’ A Sleeping Tiger

"I could not believe it, and had to play back the video to make sure it happened" 😂

At home in the jungles of India, tigers reign supreme — prowling the wild lands unrivaled, their position as apex predator firmly established.

But evidently, there’s a new challenger in town.

Aditya "Dicky" Singh is a wildlife photographer stationed in India’s Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. He's captured countless images of those iconic big cats there, but nothing could have prepared him for this.

The other day, after a monsoon, Singh spotted a tiger napping in a puddle off in the distance. At first, it seemed like a purely tranquil scene — that is, until he zoomed in closer with his camera.

It was then that Singh noticed a certain someone was apparently displeased by the tiger's presence — a tiny frog who wasn't afraid to show it.

As Singh looked on in disbelief, the frog seemed to mount a mini attack — landing what was basically a body slam on the big cat's nose.

"[He] leapt without any warning," Singh told The Dodo. "I could not believe it, and had to play back the video to make sure it happened."

Here's that moment on video:

Now, to be fair, that collision may have just been the result of a poorly thought-out leap on the frog's part. Either way, though, it was still pretty brazen. Frogs will sometimes sit on tigers as they nap near puddles, Singh said, but they typically tread lightly.

Not this guy, though.

Whatever his true intentions were, the natural order of things in the jungle likely didn't shift due to that little amphibian uprising — but he did get the tiger to flinch, at least, and that's more than can be said by most frogs.

"I have never seen one jumping around so fearlessly," Singh said.