Watch This Curious Kitten Discover Her Very First Sunbeam

The way she tries to catch it 😍

At six weeks old, this fluffy foster kitten is only just beginning to figure out what the world’s all about.

And though that process can sometimes be challenging, she's already learning that there are plenty of bright spots along the way.

The other day, the kitten was exploring the home she shares with her foster mom, Yige, when something odd caught her eye. There, spread out across the carpet and floor, was a mysterious glowing rectangle — a strange apparition the curious kitten was sure wasn’t there before.

Nevertheless, she bravely approached the unusual spot, giving it a sniff before attempting in vain to catch it with her little paws.

Turns out, this was the moment the kitten found her first sunbeam:

Ultimately, she was unable to grab hold of the sunbeam, but perhaps as she felt its warmth on her fur, it struck her as an ideal place for a nap.

(She's got those all figured out.)

Watching kittens explore the world is just one of the simple pleasures of being a foster parent to needy young cats — and this foster mom couldn't recommend it more:

"Do yourself a favor and foster some kittens," Yige wrote. "They will provide you with a guaranteed dose of serotonin every single day."