Cute Video Of Dogs Running Outside At Day Care Goes Hilariously Wrong

Oopsy daisy 😂🙃

Sawnee Dog Retreat is an incredibly popular doggy day care and boarding facility that often has dozens and dozens of dogs all hanging out at once. When the dogs are let out into the yard, it turns into an adorable (and closely supervised) stampede, one that Rawson Livezey, the owner of Sawnee Dog Retreat, loves to film.

dogs at doggy daycare
Rawson Livezey

One day, Livezey had a camera set up as around 85 dogs ran out into the yard. For the most part, it captured dogs athletically leaping through the air as they excitedly ran outside to play — and then Copper came along.

Copper is a Brittany spaniel who was extra excited to go outside to play with all of his friends that day. As he ran towards the yard, he tried to take a shortcut by jumping over some of the dogs running next to him, but unfortunately, his plan didn’t exactly work out.

Instead of gliding over the other dogs, Copper slammed into them and went flying — right into the camera.

Rawson Livezey

Of course, Livezey and the rest of the staff were all standing nearby and quickly went over to make sure Copper was OK. Luckily, he was totally unfazed and not even a little embarrassed.

“He just hopped right up after his tumble and kept on playing,” Livezey told The Dodo.

Once the chaos had subsided, everyone watched the video and couldn’t stop laughing. The cute video of dogs running had been completely derailed by Copper’s overconfidence — and ended up making it a million times better.

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