Vet Staffers Arrive To Work And Find A Box Outside The Front Door

They didn't see it coming.

When vet staff arrived to work this morning at the Onion River Animal Hospital in Vermont, they were met with an unexpected sight.

There, waiting for them just outside the front door of the building, was a cardboard box.


The box had been sealed up and punctured with what appeared to be breathing holes.

Taped to the top of the box was a note.


"These bunnies need homes (sorry)," the note read.

While that no doubt came as a shock and surprise to the clinic's staff, having found a box of abandoned bunnies, there was yet another surprise in store.


Opening the box, clinic staff did indeed find it full of bunnies.

They were candy bunnies — sweet gifts to the clinic's employees from some thoughtful prankster.


The Dodo reached out to the Onion River Animal Hospital to ask how the bunnies are doing now after their time spent stuffed in a box. But from the sound of it, even among a crew full of animal lovers, the candy bunnies' ordeal didn't garner them much sympathy.

By the afternoon, most had been eaten.

"They were great," one clinic staffer told The Dodo, adding that she appreciated the April Fools' Day prank: "It brings out your inner child. I thought that was adorable."