Vet Shares The Sweetest Story About A Man Who Found An Injured Cockroach

"I wish to have a lot more people like this on Earth."

The other day, an unlikely patient was rushed through the doors of the Samut Sakhon Animal Hospital in Thailand.

She was an injured cockroach — rescued from the street by a Good Samaritan.

Veterinarian Thanoon Limpaphatthanavanich was there to receive the man who'd gone out of his way to get help for the little bug who he'd found on the roadside, apparently after having been stepped on.

"This is true. It's not a joke," Limpaphatthanavanich wrote in post. "He quickly took the little one to the animal hospital."

The man wasn't seeking attention for himself through that gesture for the cockroach. But the vet knew it was something worth sharing.

Inspired by the man's kindness, Limpaphatthanavanich agreed to accept the cockroach as his patient, free of charge.

He placed the bug in an oxygen chamber to regain her strength. And sure enough, her condition improved. Limpaphatthanavanich wrote that, when the time is right, the cockroach will be released back into her rescuer's care.

But for the vet, the story is about more than just an insect.

"This [is an example] of kindness and compassion for every animal of the world — love for living things," Limpaphatthanavanich wrote. "I wish to have a lot more people like this on Earth. Kindness."