Vet Has A 'Designated Pig Fork' For The Sweetest Reason

Genius 😂

At Avian and Exotic Animal Care in Raleigh, North Carolina, a typical day of caring for patients doesn’t look the way it does at most veterinary hospitals. The vets treat all kinds of non-dog and non-cat patients, from turtles to owls to axolotls. To help these special patients feel calm and relaxed, the vets need a lot of different tricks up their sleeves — which is how the pig fork idea was born.

While pigs are adorable, they can also be rather cheeky and definitely have minds of their own. It can sometimes be difficult to get a pig to agree to be calm during a checkup, which is why Dr. Salina Locke has a designated pig fork.

“The pig fork idea came about from my mentor, Dr. Dan Johnson,” Dr. Locke, an exotic animal specialist veterinarian and owner of Avian and Exotic Animal Care, told The Dodo. “He has been seeing pig patients for years, and I think he learned it from one of his clients a long, long time ago, and he taught me.”

cute pig
Dr. Salina Locke

Whenever a pig comes into the hospital, Dr. Locke or one of the other staff members will grab the pig fork and gently scratch it across the pig’s belly — and almost immediately, the pig will relax and roll onto his side, enjoying every second of his belly scratches. Dr. Locke did a demonstration for TikTok using her pig patient, Milo, and everyone went absolutely nuts.

“It works with nearly all pig patients we try it on,” Dr. Locke said. “The pig fork helps to relax and reduce the pig’s stress. They will lie on their sides and let you examine their eyes, ears, mouth, bellies and even sometimes trim their hooves.”

Salina Locke

There isn’t anything cuter in the whole world than a pig lying on his side enjoying some well-deserved fork belly scratches. It’s just too adorable, and Dr. Locke and the rest of the staff get to experience it all the time.

Veterinarians need all sorts of techniques in order to help their patients feel at home, but the pig fork might just be the best one of all.

You can follow the patients of Avian and Exotic Animal Care on TikTok.