Trick-Or-Treaters See Someone Stealing Candy And Realize He's Not In Costume

"He was uninterested in moving on."

While trick-or-treating with her kids in their Florida neighborhood on Halloween, Pari Limbachia spotted an unlikely local resident who was apparently out to satisfy his sweet tooth, as well. Covered from head to toe in thick, black fur, the tall figure could easily have won a costume contest.

But this was no costume.

Pari Limbachia

Turns out, he was a bear. A real bear.

Limbachia had actually spotted him earlier, roaming around the nature preserve adjacent to their house. But this night, the bear had more than berries and honey on his mind.

As Limbachia and her kids looked on, the bear approached a table set with Halloween candy. And though the rules usually specify to "take just one," the bear had more than that.

Pari Limbachia

Watching the scene unfold, Limbachia tells The Dodo she was "definitely in disbelief." Rather than try to claim some candy there too, she and her kids decided to try the next house instead.

"He was there for at least 10 minutes," Limbachia said. "Other neighbors tried to scare him away, but he was uninterested in moving on."

While gorging on too much candy isn't good for people and bears alike, that's a lesson often learned with the tummy ache that follows. Here's to hoping this bear chooses his next snack more wisely.