Trail Camera Catches Two Lovers On A Nighttime Swimming Date

They even fight like a real couple 😂

If you want to impress a potential suitor, you could pick them flowers, or stand outside their window with a boombox.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many boomboxes in the forest, and it’s hard to pick flowers when you don’t have opposable thumbs.

So this pair settled on the next best thing: a nighttime swimming date.

bears kissing
Facebook/Robert Martinez

Using a hidden trail camera, nature photographer Robert Martinez recently caught two black bears flirting in California’s Angeles National Forest.

“I was excited to see [the] footage,” Martinez told The Dodo.

You can watch Martinez’s full clip here:

Facebook/Robert Martinez

The lovers initially hit it off, kissing and nuzzling each other over the placid water.

bears kissing
Facebook/Robert Martinez

But even the most dedicated couples fight. Seemingly, on this date, someone made a rude comment — briefly inspiring a lover's quarrel. Luckily, it was quickly resolved.

bears fighting
Facebook/Robert Martinez

Adult bears are usually solitary animals, but this footage was captured around mating season, so Martinez wasn’t necessarily shocked to see the pair together. However, he was amazed to have caught such an exciting moment.

“[I was] surprised at the behavior,” Martinez said. “But not at the fact that these two were traveling together during mating season.”

Martinez has seen lots of other animals frequenting this watering hole, including mountain lions, deer, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, a snake and hawks.

bears swimming
Facebook/Robert Martinez

They say that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Hopefully that’s true for these lovebirds. Though their first date hit a rocky moment, it’s clear that they’re truly infatuated with each other. Who knows? A second date might still be in the cards.

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