Trail Camera Catches Mama Bear And Cub Enjoying A Sneaky Bath In Tub They Found

“It literally made my day!”

In the lush forests of northern Utah, metal tubs brimming with spring water can be found along trails for hikers in need of a drink.

But recently, a trail camera hidden near one tub revealed a surprising pair putting the refreshing water to good use.

bears enjoying bath in the woods
Denise M. Peterson, Utah Mountain Lion Conservation

Denise M. Peterson, who runs Utah Mountain Lion Conservation, has helped station cameras all over the Utah wilderness in hopes of capturing footage of the amazing wildlife in the area.

The cameras are mainly intended to capture wild cats but often capture bears and other creatures who call the forest home.

bears enjoying bath in the woods
Denise M. Peterson, Utah Mountain Lion Conservation

Though Peterson has seen lots of bears on camera, this specific capture was particularly amazing.

“This one was exceptional!” Peterson told The Dodo. “I knew that there were bears in the area, as I'd tracked them through there, but I didn't expect a cub. It literally made my day!”

You can watch the full video here:

As if luxuriating after a long day of parenting, the mama bear settles into the tub with a contentedness that many busy moms can surely relate to.

Meanwhile, her curious cub, wanting to be just like his mother, tries valiantly to hop in too.

bears enjoy bath in a tub
Denise M. Peterson, Utah Mountain Lion Conservation

“Every time I watch that video, it still makes me smile!” Peterson said. “I love their innocence and playfulness.”

The cub never quite makes it into the tub but has lots of fun tipping his head over the side and sticking his face in.

Surely, his mom enjoyed having the tub to herself.

bears enjoying bath in tub
Denise M. Peterson, Utah Mountain Lion Conservation

Luckily for Peterson, the duo left her camera mostly unharmed.

“I'm incredibly glad that they didn't mess with the camera too much,” Peterson said. “Bears are notorious for messing with trail cameras. I can't tell you how many closeups of bears that we've gotten where they were investigating the cams!”

Toward the end of the video, the mother bear hops out of the tub and runs away toward their next destination, her loyal cub bounding along after her.

Fresh from their bath, this sweet family of two was ready for another adventure.

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