Trail Camera Captures The Magic Moment Two Bobcats Fall In Love

"I didn't believe what I was seeing.”

Move over Sinatra, there’s a new crooner in town. But while his songs may sound a little shrill to some, this furry, singing suitor is winning hearts regardless.

And there’s video to prove it.

Robyn Sloan

Fascinating footage captured on a trail camera in Colorado shows the moment an eligible male bobcat crossed paths with a seemingly eligible potential mate. To signal his interest in getting to know her better, the bobcat began to sing his mating call.

And as you’ll see, that really seemed to win her over.

Love was in the air for these wild cats:

The camera had been placed there by retired biology teacher Robyn Sloan, who sets out to capture candid scenes like this of animals living around her home. She knew right away that this footage was truly special.

"I didn't believe what I was seeing,” Sloan told The Dodo. “Sometimes you just get very lucky in where you place your camera.”

Fortunately, for the sake of the bobcats’ privacy, the camera’s timer stopped the recording before things went much further, romance-wise. But Sloan suspects that wasn’t the end of the bobcats’ interactions.

“I think she probably did have kittens two months later [as the gestation period for bobcats lasts about 60 days],” Sloan said, adding that the male’s performance singing had some pretty high stakes. “She would have scratched his face off if she wasn't receptive to his advances.”