Trail Camera Captures Relaxed Bear Taking A 'Me' Day

“Living his best life” 🐻

It’s not easy being a bear, what with all the roving, wandering and occasional dumpster diving — but luckily for this pudgy predator, he found the perfect place to rest his paws for a while.

It seems he decided to take a “me” day.

Roxborough State Park

Officials from Colorado’s Roxborough State Park recently shared some relaxing trail camera footage of the wild bear dropping by a muddy puddle — like his own private day spa in the woods. Temperatures have been on the rise in the region, and the cool water evidently hit the spot just right.

This bear was loving it.

“Living his best life,” one commenter wrote.

The watering hole gave the bear a good opportunity to cool his fur, stretch his limbs and even give his foot a quick sniff test. 

After the video was posted online, it drew comparisons to another bathing bear:

With any luck, that time spent in the lap of luxury was as relaxing and rejuvenating as it appeared to be. After all, self-care is a critical part of a happy and healthy life — even for bears.