Traffic Comes To A Halt For A Little Bear Cub With A Red Balloon

"I had a pretty amazing encounter ..."

The other day, Krista House was driving down a wooded road in Canada, heading to a doctor’s appointment, when she spotted a furry family out for a walk.

They were a pair of bears — a mother and her cub — preparing to traverse the busy roadway. Naturally, House slowed her vehicle to a stop so the two could safely cross.

But then something magical happened.

Getty Images/mlorenzphotography

Turns out, near the bears on the roadside was a random red balloon. How it got there is anyone’s guess — but it hardly went unnoticed.

As the mother bear proceeded across the road, the cub lingered behind, investigating the whimsical object much in the same way a human youngster might. House was stunned.

“So I had a pretty amazing encounter on my way to my [doctor’s appointment] today,” House wrote, sharing footage from the moment online.

Unsurprisingly, traffic came to a halt as the little scene unfolded to allow it to play out in peace.

While improperly disposed of balloons are considered a real threat to wildlife and the environment, the cub's experience appeared to be mostly a pleasant one — aside, perhaps, from the heartache of seeing the balloon float out of reach.