Traffic Cam Catches Speeding Car With Someone Unexpected Behind The Wheel

"The driver is very lucky" 😂

Law enforcement officers in Germany recently installed some traffic cameras along streets around the city of Bonn with the aim of catching speeding drivers in the act.

What they weren’t expecting, however, was to photograph someone other than a human behind the wheel.

Bonn Police

Upon reviewing the images returned by those cameras, one photo in particular jumped out to members of the Bonn Police. It showed a white car traveling about 7 mph over the speed limit — being driven, from the looks of it, by a rather handsome dog.

And as if that weren’t noteworthy enough, he appeared to be doing it all with his eyes closed.

Bonn Police

Truth be told, the photo was an optical illusion of sorts, with the pup’s positioning perfectly obscuring the person who was actually doing the driving. That fact made the image more than just a curiosity, though — it actually spared the dog’s human a penalty.

Normally, a fine of about $55 would have been imposed for the traffic violation, but because the person responsible couldn’t be identified, the police’s hands are tied.

“Here, the driver is very lucky,” a police spokesperson told local media.

Hopefully, the driver will ease up on the gas pedal a bit going forward, having gotten away with what amounts to just a warning thanks to a very good dog.