Obsessed Cat Literally Won't Stop Flushing The Toilet 24/7

"He especially loves to flush it when I’m in the shower" 🚽

When Sabrina Louise’s bathroom started flooding, she wasn’t sure why. 

Occasionally, she would hear the toilet flush all by itself and assumed it was a problem with the plumbing. However, when she checked, she couldn’t find anything wrong. 

It seemed the phantom flushes were coming from somewhere — or someone — else.

Cat steals toilet paper
Facebook/Misadventures of Kai

That’s when she caught her mischievous cat, Kai, sneaking around the bathroom door. “He’s been fascinated with toilet flushing since he was a kitten,” Louise told The Dodo. “He likes to watch the water. At a year old, I caught him using the toilet.”

Louise assumed Kai just liked to hang around the toilet, but she soon found out that the cat had learned to flush all by himself. “He started flushing it in front of me, and that’s when he became quite obsessed,” Louise said. “I tried putting the lid down, but he still flushed. I tried shutting the door, but he screams.”

Cat compulsively flushes toilet
Facebook/Misadventures of Kai

Nothing can keep Kai away from his precious toilet. It’s his favorite toy in the world, and he doesn’t mind keeping his mom up at night if it means he can play with it. 

“Just before bed he tends to flush continuously,” Louise said. “I will yell at him, ‘Kai, don’t you flush again. Get out of the bathroom. Don’t make me come in there.’ Then he runs out, meowing and purring at me. Then a few minutes later, he’s back in there.”

Kai’s toilet obsession has become so problematic that Louise now has to turn off the water to the house before going to bed. Kai tries to turn the water back on, but the mechanism is too difficult to use with paws. 

To Louise, Kai often seems more like a toddler than a cat. "He does flips on his cat tree. He dangles off it and hangs upside down," Louise said. "He’s constantly getting into mischief. He loves to open cabinets and drawers and steal things like potatoes, toilet paper, crackers and dog treats."

Facebook/Misadventures of Kai

But as much mischief as Kai causes around the house, Louise has to respect his cleverness when it comes to getting what he wants.

“He flushes the toilet any time he’s awake basically, but now, tends to do it in the morning and the evening, as he knows that’s when the water is turned on,” Louise said. “He will sneak a flush when people are using it and he tries to flush some of his toys down the toilet. He especially loves to flush it when I’m in the shower.”

But a cold shower now and then is a small price to pay for a happy cat.

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