Tiny Puppy Shares An Adorable Moment With A Very Friendly Butterfly

The happiest thing you'll see all day 😍

Little puppies and beautiful butterflies — each on their own couldn't be more perfect. Together, however, they manage to take things to a whole other level.

Just ask this pup and her colorful new friend.

Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin

Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin recently shared an adorable video of the little dog enjoying a day out on the front porch. It was there, it seems, that the pup caught the attention of a passing butterfly, who flitted over to make her acquaintance.

What followed was perhaps one of the sweetest moments ever caught on camera.

"Playing with a butterfly," the dog's owner can be heard saying in disbelief. "Just look at that."

Here's the moment on video:

While it's no secret that puppies are notoriously playful, the butterfly seems to match her enthusiasm. But it's possible the butterfly was interested in more than just a little horsing around. The video evidently originates in Brazil, where some species of butterflies are known to land on other animals to "drink" their tears.

Whatever the case may be, a moment that happy will be hard to beat.