Tiny Puppy Makes The Biggest Mess Her Family Has Ever Seen — Then Hides In It

"The mess was too impressive to even get mad.”

While Jazmine has always been a super curious puppy, making messes has never really been her thing. She likes to steal shoes and carry them around, but otherwise, she’s always been happy to just play, cuddle and be with her people.

“She doesn’t even try to rip the stuffing or squeakers out of her toys, so the beanbag chair massacre was unexpected,” Katie Robinson, Jazmine’s mom, told The Dodo.

cute puppy
Katie Robinson

Robinson was folding laundry upstairs one day, and when she headed up, there Jazmine and her sister, Hazel, were sleeping peacefully downstairs. She was upstairs for about 45 minutes — and when she came back downstairs, she was shocked to find the biggest mess she’d ever seen.

Apparently, Jazmine and Hazel had decided they wanted to see what exactly was inside the giant beanbag chair their family had, and tore absolutely everything out of it. Jazmine had never participated in any sort of destruction before, but once she saw Hazel get it started, she couldn’t resist jumping in. After every bit of fluff had been removed from the beanbag, the pair fell asleep in their mess, and that’s how Robinson found them — innocently napping in the middle of their destruction.

The mess was massive, but Robinson wasn’t even upset. She just couldn’t stop laughing at the image of the pups hiding among the fluff as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It was also pretty incredible that such a tiny puppy and her not-very-large sister were able to make such a huge mess.

“I wasn’t mad, more of a shock that they made such a mess so quickly and were already sleeping again like nothing happened,” Robinson said. “In the video, I snuck up on the sleeping pups and when I got near Jazmine, I said, ‘What did you do?!’ And that’s when she looks up at the camera with those sweet, innocent puppy eyes and laid her head back down — she was exhausted from all that work apparently. However, Hazel, the Chiweenie, knew she was busted and walked away with her head down. They did not get in trouble — the mess was too impressive to even get mad.”

cute dogs cuddling
Katie Robinson

Luckily, the beanbag chair itself didn’t suffer any damage, and the family was able to shove all of the stuffing back inside. The mess was fairly easy to clean up, though Jazmine was probably bummed to lose her awesome napping spot. All in all, it was pretty entertaining — but unfortunately, it seems Jazmine’s streak of not being destructive is definitely over.