Tiny Dog Jumps In Carved Pumpkin And Decides He Lives There Now

“He discovered that he’d won the jackpot: a house made of food!”

Pumpkins can be carved, decorated and baked — but one little dog has discovered an entirely new use for the gourd: a home.

Huxley, a 5-pound Pomeranian pup, lives each day to the fullest.

“He’s the most outgoing, energetic, joyful little guy that I’ve ever met,” Eugenia Chen, Huxley’s mom, told The Dodo.

When they’re not socializing around town, Huxley and his family love playing together at home. The tiny pup is usually obsessed with puzzle toys and tennis balls, but Chen wanted to try something new this year. So she bought a Huxley-sized pumpkin and decided to carve it for him.

Eugenia Chen

Chen wasn’t sure how Huxley would react to the pumpkin when she first brought it home. Halloween season was in full swing, and at the very least, she hoped he’d tolerate it enough to snap a picture next to it.

Chen carved a large opening at the top of the pumpkin and removed all of the gooey insides. She tilted the empty pumpkin towards Huxley, thinking he’d like to take a sniff at the life-sized gourd. But his reaction shocked her.

“To my surprise, he dove right in!” Chen said.

Eugenia Chen

Without skipping a beat, Huxley plopped himself into the pumpkin and curled up into a ball. He explored the inside of the pumpkin for a second before realizing that his new toy was edible and extremely delicious.

“He discovered that he’d won the jackpot: a house made of food!” Chen said. “He loves vegetables and boxes, which may be part of why he loves pumpkins and climbing inside.”

You can watch Huxley explore his first pumpkin here:

After a few nibbles around the inside, Huxley proudly poked his head up, revealing a giant smile on his face. He sat in the pumpkin for a while, looking at his parents, who were now attempting to coax him out.

But he refused to budge.

“Huxley immediately decided this pumpkin was his new home and no one could tell him otherwise,” Chen wrote on TikTok.

Eugenia Chen

After a few minutes, Chen started to worry that Huxley might not be able to get out of the pumpkin. She grabbed a trusty bag of treats to try to lure the happy pup out, and to her surprise, he popped out as easily as he'd jumped in.

“I was nervous that the pumpkin would be hard for him to move comfortably, but he was happy to stay inside,” Chen said.

Eugenia Chen

Huxley continued playing with (and eating) his new pumpkin toy for the rest of the night, solidifying his new obsession with the giant squash. Although Halloween season has now come and gone, his love for gourds is never-ending.

“Huxley still loves pumpkins and has been emboldened now that he knows they are delicious,” Chen said. “We bought a couple more pumpkins, and he was happy to chomp into the lid and the inside.”

As the seasons change, Huxley’s parents will continue to create new traditions and find ways to celebrate with their sweet pup. But they’ll always be looking forward to next year, when they can pick out a new pumpkin together as a family and watch Huxley enjoy yet another amazing, edible home.

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