This ‘Terrifying’ Animal Is Probably Somewhere In Your Home Right Now

Yes, really.

Try to remain calm. But there’s a pretty good chance that, somewhere in your home right now, this animal is on the prowl — eager to fill his belly. And he might not be alone.

Seriously. He’s real.

Scary as this image might be at first, it’s really not as ghoulish as it seems. This is actually a close-up photo of an ant’s face. That’s right, an ant.

Photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas used a micro lens to capture the eye-catching insect portrait, and it’s certainly been turning heads. Recently, Kavaliauskas’ photo was awarded “Image of Distinction” in camera-maker Nikon’s 2022 Photomicrography Competition.

That said, it still has people online shifting in their seats.

“Bro, that’s terrifying,” one Twitter user wrote. Others seem to agree:

Though close-up photos of tiny insects can sometimes be a little unnerving, Kavaliauskas’ ant photo is especially so — likely due, in part, to how the photo is selectively framed. It's almost like an optical illusion, showing just a portion of the ant's face.

The red spheres on the ant's face appear at first to be devilish-looking eyes, but they are in fact connector joints for the ant’s antennas.

A wider photo of an ant’s face, including the actual eyes, is far less scary. Some might even call it cute:


In the end, that ant in your house is basically harmless — unless you happen to be some tasty crumb.

As Kavaliauskas' ant photo proves, it's all about perspective.