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These Unique Frogs Are Basically Chubby Purple Blobs

Check out those squishy little faces 😲

There are some animals who don't really look the way you'd expect based on their name, and the Indian purple frog is one of them. While he is vaguely purple, he looks more like a blob than a frog — and the surprises don't stop there.

The Indian purple frog is one of two species in the family Nasikabatrachidae, which has been evolving for around 100 million years. Scientists weren’t often given a chance to study these frogs over the years because they’re really good at staying out of sight. The Indian purple frog is a burrowing species and therefore spends most of its time underground. 

Another name these frogs go by is pig-nosed frogs because of their distinct faces. The sound they make sounds less like the ribbit of a frog and more like the cluck of a chicken

So, basically, these frogs are just one big identity crisis. 

Despite their oddities, the Indian purple frog is incredibly cool-looking, and while not everyone may think so, are also kind of cute. Just look at those strange, chubby faces!

Unfortunately, the Indian purple frog is considered an endangered species due to deforestation and being harvested and consumed by local communities. Hopefully they’ll rebound and be around for many years to come, though, because the world is definitely a better place with those squishy little faces in it.

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