These Adorable, Tired-Looking Animals Are The Perfect 2021 Mascot

Have you ever seen one before? 👀

High in the Andes mountains and rocky crags of South America lives an adorable rodent who constantly looks tired and a little sad. 

With his long ears and powerful hind legs, the southern viscacha, also called a mountain viscacha, resembles an incredibly fluffy rabbit or chinchilla, but he’s actually closer to a giant mouse.

Mountain viscacha takes a nap while sunbathing Estivill

Sitting up on his haunches, sunbathing, the droopy corners of the viscacha’s mouth and closed eyes make this animal look like he’s in serious need of a nap.

Southern viscachas have recently gone viral on Twitter for their bored, sleepy expressions — which, as some people have pointed out, makes them the perfect pandemic mascot or “spirit animal.” 

Only by looking at the viscacha's long, fluffy tail can you tell what kind of mood he’s really in — an extended tail signals anxiety or distress, and a curled tail shows relaxation.

Viscachas spend most of their time sunning themselves on rocks and boulders, resting and grooming their thick coats. These large rodents are almost perfectly round and can weigh over 6 pounds and grow to be between 12 and 18 inches long. Paulo Porto

While the viscacha’s small front paws are not very good for digging, he makes up for it with his speed and expert climbing skills. Living in large colonies, these social animals have a wide vocabulary of calls and whistles for when a predator is nearby, allowing them to dart into their burrows between the rocks.

Southern viscacha looks bored E Rodriguez

But don't be fooled by the viscacha's expression — this chill animal is actually quite happy. Perhaps we can all learn a little something from the viscacha’s relaxed attitude, making him quite a good mascot indeed.