The Struggle Is Real For Adorable Dog Encountering A Box Full Of 'Donuts'

That squishy face 😍

This big, fluffy dog named Bear knows how to enjoy the finer things in life — like the subtle perfume of a freshly bloomed flower.

But his tastes aren't limited to the finer things.

Bear's owner, Candice Sedighan, is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She's well aware that her pup's taste in treats is anything but snobbish.

Bear loves donuts — so much so, in fact, that even donut-shaped dog toys are enough to make his mouth start watering.

With that in mind, Sedighan decided to offer Bear a box full of fake donuts, placing a camera at the bottom to give a pastry-eye view of the adorable dog's reaction. 

Face-to-face with that box full of fake donuts — and all the imaginary calories they contained — Bear's response is pretty relatable:

After appearing to fight the temptation to dive into the box, Bear ultimately does go in for a taste.

"The result was hilarious with the cutest squishy face ever!" Sedighan told The Dodo.

Though Bear didn't get to eat any real donuts that day, Sedighan did reward him with some peanut butter to satisfy his sweet tooth. Bear might not know what's best for him diet-wise, but his owner certainly does.

"He’s a fan of both donuts and toys, but toys were the healthier option of course," Sedighan said.