Introducing: Dodo Kids!

Dodo Kids has officially arrived!

After years of parents telling us how much they love watching Dodo videos with their whole family, we’re so excited to introduce Dodo Kids!

Dodo Kids showcases the Dodo stories parents know and love in a fun, playful, exciting new way designed just for kids. The same heartwarming narratives, the same engaging videos, and of course the same fuzzy, lovable, super cute animals — but with dynamic new storytelling elements like fun voiceover, kid hosts and lots of colorful graphics that make the stories perfect for kids.

We’re launching a designated Dodo Kids YouTube channel — so you can share the Dodo experience in an even better way with your kids, knowing that everything they see is made just for them. We’re kicking things off with three kid-friendly new shows.

Best Animal Friends

Building off the hit Dodo series Odd Couples, each episode of Best Animal Friends introduces kids to a very surprising animal pair — like a pig and a bouncy lamb, or a cat and a wild monkey! These real-life best friends might not look the same, but they love each other anyway, and know what it means to be a best friend. 

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Everyone loves a good rescue story — and these family-friendly rescue videos are made with kids in mind. In each episode, Roman, a real-life kid dog rescuer, will walk kids through an animal rescue from The Dodo, so they can join in the excitement and feel like they’re right there helping an animal, too. 

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Dodo Sing Dodo Dance

Dodo Sing Dodo Dance features catchy, colorful songs and music videos starring beloved animals from The Dodo — designed especially for kids (but 100 percent guaranteed to get stuck in your head, too).

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This is just the beginning. Come check us out!