How To Set Up Your Apartment For Bringing Home A Rescue Cat


Adopting a rescue cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. But for apartment dwellers, you not only want to make sure your cat has a lot of love, but enough space. (And it’d be nice for you to have some as well!) With some careful selection and understanding your space, you can make the best home for you and your new best friend! With that in mind, here are the must-buy items to help you and your cat live in harmony, even if that harmony is a little cozy.

Metal bowls 

If cats love one thing, it’s pushing objects off of countertops. So when considering your selection of food and water bowls, a simple metal one is probably your best bet. It should be dishwasher safe and wide enough to not irritate your cat’s whiskers while they eat — this rimless, non-skid bowl checks every box.

A lightweight carrier

Taking your cat on the go is never simple, but moving and road trips and vet visits are all part of life. In these situations, a lightweight carrier is good to have, and you’ll want one that doesn’t take up too much space. This dual-purpose one morphs from pet bed to carrier so your cat can feel a little more comfortable when it’s time to hit the road. For an even smaller (and more budget-friendly) option, the Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is lightweight and easily folds up for stowing if you’re low on storage space.


A not-too-large cat tree

A lot of cat trees are far too big for an apartment. Options like this tree provide all the basics: a vantage point, scratching post, and hiding spot, all without taking up a large footprint. If a carpet-covered tower clashes too much with your decor, you can try to provide height using clever shelving (just make sure it’s well installed!).

A feeding mat

For pet parents, the occasional mess comes with the territory. To make mealtimes easier, get a feeding mat to place under your cat’s food and water bowls. A mat like this has a high lip to catch scattered food and a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Plus, the flexible material makes it convenient to slide excess kibble and other messes straight into the trash.

A litter box enclosure

Space comes at a premium in an apartment, so turning a litter box into a usable surface (or even just helping it mesh with the room design) is a big help. This Merry Pet enclosure actually passes for a normal addition to a bathroom and even has a towel rack. For a more all-in-one system, try this Modkat box that comes with a liner and folding lid for easier scooping.

A light litter that does heavy lifting

The power of your litter matters even more in close quarters. That’s where Arm & Hammer™ AbsorbX™ comes in — it clumps up fast, traps odors, and stays dust-free. Plus, it’s 50% lighter than regular Arm & Hammer litter, so hauling it up flights of stairs isn’t such a chore.


A telescoping wand-style toy

Cat parents have a tendency to spoil their babies with countless new toys — which can mean clutter if you aren’t careful. Simplify your space by sticking to a few well-liked toys for play. Wand-style toys make it easy to give your cat at-home exercise while the telescoping feature makes them easy to store.

A reliable brush

When you’re only working with a few rooms, fur tends to accumulate pretty quickly. So getting a brush that also removes hair from furniture can go a long way (bonus points if it also massages and cleans your cat’s coat).

With all the right goodies, your cat will feel like a king in their new space!