Terrified Kitten Weaves Through Busy Highway Until Woman Stops To Help

As Laila D’Souza drove her usual route home from work in Kuwait, she accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on an unfamiliar road. But, as fate would have it, a tiny kitten was lost on the same highway, zigging and zagging out of traffic.

When D’Souza decided to pull to the side to help the tiny cat, both their lives changed forever.

A kitten wanders a busy highway.
Laila D'Souza

“He stopped at the emergency lane,” D’Souza, Rescue For Winston founder in, told The Dodo. “I stopped my car to get him, but he was so terrified that he climbed into my car.”

She searched for the scared kitten for 10 minutes with no luck, then drove home slowly in the event he’d pushed himself up into her car.

A kitten waits on the side of a highway.
Laila D'Souza

“When I got home, I searched under my car once again, but there was no sign of him,” D’Souza said. “About three hours later, I heard faint meows. To my surprise, he had held onto my car from underneath.”

She called a road aid service, and they helped get him out. D’Souza put the terrified kitten in a crate and took him to the vet for a full exam.

A woman holds a kitten that's wrapped in a blanket.
Laila D'Souza

“He was okay, but just very traumatized from his horrible experience,” D’Souza said. “He warmed up each day with a little TLC until [he] slowly started trusting humans.”

You can watch the harrowing event here:

Since his unusual rescue, the 5-week-old kitten — now named Hitch — has warmed up to D’Souza’s foster kittens and even loves sitting on people’s laps. But it’s his little voice D’Souza loves the most.

“His signature trait is his cute squeaks that everyone falls in love with,” D’Souza said. “He loves communicating with his tiny, cute squeaks.”

A black and white kitten lays on a red couch.
Laila D'Souza

In just a few short weeks, Hitch has gone from a scared, feral kitten to an absolute love bug. And not only that, his transformation changed D’Souza as well.

“Hitch made me realize that some things really do happen for a reason,” D’Souza said. “I've taken that route home many times — so to accidentally take the wrong exit and end up on another route by accident wasn't a coincidence."

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