Teen Stops Car To Rescue Little Animal With Head Stuck In Cup

“[I] did not think he was serious … until he opened the door to get out.”

When Becky Ball’s son said that he wanted to stop the car, she didn’t think he was serious.

“I thought he was joking,” Ball told The Dodo.

But the determined teen wouldn’t take no for an answer. Looking out the passenger window, the boy spotted a skunk with his head stuck in a cup — and he knew he had to help.

boy saving skunk in road
Becky Ball

The pair were on their way to the boy’s cross-country practice when they spotted the skunk struggling on the road, stumbling aimlessly around, unable to see.

You can see the skunk struggling in a video Ball took:

Becky Ball

Ball was immediately concerned about what might happen if her son approached a notoriously smelly animal.

“I was scared he would be sprayed,” Ball said. “[I] did not think he was serious … until he opened the door to get out.”

skunk with head stuck in cup
Becky Ball

Carefully, the boy tugged the cup off of the skunk, and the little creature was finally free. Luckily, he was able to do so without scaring the skunk and triggering a spray response.

The skunk, perhaps understanding that the boy was doing him a favor, just continued on his way down the road.

skunk running across road
Becky Ball

The teen’s conviction proves that sometimes, when it comes to helping animals, it’s worth it to speak up — even if the consequences could be smelly.