Teachers Hear Strange Sound Coming From Ceiling And Are Shocked At Who They Find

They were so small 🥺

One afternoon, the counseling staff at a high school in Northern California were going about their day when they suddenly heard strange sounds coming from the vents — and quickly realized the sounds were actually tiny meows.

Everyone in the office quickly sprang into action. They were able to locate the kittens, but couldn't get to them right away.

“On a Tuesday, we heard sounds coming from the vents, and we were able to see some kittens on the roof by the air conditioning unit,” Jeremiah Jones, one of the school counselors, told The Dodo. “The maintenance staff set a trap to try to trap them, and were able to trap the mom Wednesday morning, but not the kittens, so they let the mom go so she could try to stay with them.”

kittens in a box
Jeremiah Jones

On Thursday, a maintenance worker was able to rescue three kittens, but the counseling staff was still hearing meows coming from the vents. The maintenance worker climbed onto a desk, opened up the ceiling and started searching.

Sure enough, he was able to pull two tiny kittens from the ceiling, and luckily, they were both totally OK.

cute kitten drinking from a bottle
Jeremiah Jones

“The counseling staff and a student office aide were in disbelief as our awesome campus maintenance man, Jake, was able to locate them and cut them out of the ceiling,” Jones said. “The kittens seemed hungry and were crying out as they were rescued.”

cute kitten in a box
Jeremiah Jones

Once they’d made sure the kittens were all healthy, they were sent home with local families. Thanks to the persistence of the counseling staff, they’re safe and sound now — and if they ever hear meows coming from the ceiling again, they’ll know exactly what to do.

You can see more of the kittens’ journey on TikTok.