School Cancels Class Due To A 'Wildlife Issue' When Animal Sneaks Inside

No one could catch her 😂

On a Saturday afternoon, school teacher Alex Peterson was enjoying her well-earned weekend when she received an email from her school’s assistant principal that caught her completely off guard. A wild animal had fallen through a ceiling tile into the school and was throwing herself a party, and no one could figure out how to catch her.

“We needed to stay out of the building until it was caught,” Peterson told The Dodo. “I definitely laughed when I got the email but really didn't think much of it because we are located in Colorado right by the foothills — wildlife is an everyday thing.”

raccoon running through a school
Alex Peterson

Everyone figured the issue would be solved quickly, but their furry visitor had other plans. The intruder, who turned out to be a mischievous raccoon, had no interest in leaving the school and was evading everyone’s efforts to catch her. The school employees had hoped to catch her before school resumed on Monday, but unfortunately, the raccoon outsmarted them.

raccoon running through a school
Alex Peterson

“On Sunday, we got a second email saying that raccoons are harder to catch than initially suspected, so the building was closed for the entire weekend,” Peterson said. “I was hanging out with my parents that day and told them about it, but once again just laughed and hoped my classroom door was locked. Sunday night we received a text message and email from the principal telling us that school will be closed on Monday, January 22, due to a wildlife issue inside of the building, and to check our emails for more information.”

Peterson couldn’t believe what she was seeing. A raccoon had successfully gotten school canceled. Forget snow days — this was a raccoon day.

“I was cracking up,” Peterson said. “I texted everyone I thought would be amused by this news and told them that school was canceled tomorrow for a ‘Raccoon Day!’ I also instantly texted one of my coworkers to see if she wanted to go hiking because we had an unexpected day off, and then another coworker to see if she wanted to go have coffee.”

Peterson and her coworkers enjoyed their raccoon day immensely — but the raccoon who gave it to them didn’t have the same kind of luck.

“Monday morning we received the text around 9 a.m. that she had been caught — attached was a cute picture of her in the trap,” Peterson said. “The classroom she was finally caught in had curriculum materials nibbled on.”

The raccoon was arrested for breaking and entering, and she was released somewhere safe and much less disruptive than the middle of a school. To the teachers and the kids, of course, she’ll always be a hero who got them an extra day off.