Sweet Video Shows Sleepy Squirrel Mom Sharing A Bed With Her Two Wiggly Kids

The cutest little cuddle puddle 🥰

Even at the end of the day, when night has settled in, a parent’s work is never really finished.

Just ask this sleepy squirrel mom.


Recently, wildlife enthusiasts from the eastern U.S. posted an adorable video to YouTube captured from inside the nest of a squirrel in their backyard. In the clip, the mother squirrel is seen in the cutest of cuddle puddles with her two tiny babies.

Despite clearly being exhausted herself, Mom always makes sure her wiggly kids feel as cozy as can be:

While half asleep and tired from the day, this squirrel mom is still on the job — snuggling her restless babies as they doze, and even using her tail as a blanket to keep them warm. But, of course, this won't go on forever.

After about 10 to 12 weeks under Mom's care, young squirrels are usually old enough to begin striking out on their own, giving her the chance to catch up on sleep undisturbed.

Parents everywhere, who sometimes share a bed with their kids, can no doubt relate.