Sweet Dog Sees Strangers Fighting And Decides To Get Involved

“Everybody started clapping" ❤️

Earlier this week, hundreds gathered for Chile’s largest jiujitsu championship, held in the city of Valparaíso. It was a tournament to test the strength, speed and agility of competitors fighting for first place.

But, as it turns out, the most memorable moment of all was actually provided by an adorable peacekeeper.

In the middle of one match, a random dog emerged from the sideline — intent on bringing an end to what he must have perceived as people engaged in unchecked violence.

Francisca Silueta

It’s unclear where the dog had come from, but as he was escorted away by a referee, the crowd was quick to signal their approval of the heartfelt interruption.

Even the fighters the pup had paused couldn’t help but smile.

Francisca Silueta

With that, the competition of brute force and domination took a back seat to something far sweeter — the unabashed affection and care only a good dog can provide.

It’s something spectator Francisca Silueta, who recorded the video above, won’t soon forget.

“Suddenly, all the eyes were staring at this dog, and all the competitors had to stop. Everybody started clapping,” Silueta told The Dodo. “It was like the dog had won first place.”