Sweet Cat Helps Her Dad Look His Best Before A Big Date

"I know that she doesn't want to share me with anyone, but she still helps me" 💕

Laying eyes on Merayad Ali, you might assume his put-together appearance is one of those things that just comes naturally. But, as it turns out, he actually shares his home with a dedicated personal stylist.

Her name is Zeytin. She’s also a cat.

Merayad Ali

Merayad lives in Germany where, one day, his brother found a black stray kitten in need of a home. Merayad hadn’t been planning on getting a cat, but after helping care for her early on, he became smitten.

“Zeytin has definitely captured my heart,” Merayad told The Dodo. “We are very close. I would do anything for her.”

And the feeling is mutual.

Merayad Ali

Merayad is always happy to spend his free time doting on his cat. However, one recent evening, another plan came up. Merayad had a big date.

Although Zeytin wasn’t invited along, she was kind enough to step in to make sure her dad looked his sharpest.

“She is the best stylist ever,” Merayad said.

What makes the cat's loving gesture all the more meaningful is the fact that she's actually a bit possessive. Zeytin reined in that feeling, evidently, so her dad could have a guilt-free good time without her.

"I know that she doesn't want to share me with anyone, but she still helps me," Merayad said. "She is a very good cat."

Merayad Ali

Chances are, Zeytin knows that no one will ever come between her and her dad. Truth is, she simply wouldn't stand for that.

"She has the complete decision [on who I date]," Merayad said. "Nothing would work without her approval."