Sweet Cat Brings His Mom A New 'Hat' To Wear Every Morning

"I think he realized that he found a way to make me smile" ❤️

Meet João — a sweet cat who's found the most adorable way to say “thanks” for his cozy life of love and leisure.

Just ask João’s mom, Thamar de Araújo.

Thamar de Araújo

João, who's lived with Araújo since he was a kitten, has always been a cuddly and intuitive cat — offering his owner extra snuggles whenever he sensed she could use some comforting. But it was during a rough patch in Araújo's life a few years back that João began doing even more to lift her spirits.

One morning, he carried a leaf in from their backyard and placed it at Araújo's feet. It was a gift. So, to not seem unappreciative of João's surprise present, she found a use for it.

As her cat looked on eagerly, Araújo placed the leaf on her head like a hat.

Thamar de Araújo

João's gift was a hit — and he knew it.

"When he saw me with the leaf, I think he realized that he found a way to make me smile," Araújo told The Dodo. "That way was to bring me leaves."

From that moment forward, it became an everyday thing.

Thamar de Araújo

For years now, without fail, João begins his day by collecting a leaf outside and bringing it to his mom. She, in turn, wears it on her head.

"Every time, I pin the leaves to my hair in front of João, and I thank him for the gift," Araújo said.

Thamar de Araújo

For João, it seems that not just any old leaf will do for his daily gift-giving. He seeks out different types of leaves, so as to keep Araújo's little hats looking fresh and chic.

Thamar de Araújo

Araújo always has a hairpin on the ready to secure the gifts from João. She wears them proudly as she prepares for work in the morning to let her cat know she loves it.

"He is happy when he sees new leaves in my hair," Araújo said. "I'm absolutely sure that he knows that he makes me happy with that gesture."

It didn't take long for Araújo to amass quite a collection of leafy hats.

Thamar de Araújo

João found a way to give back to the person who's always cherished him so dearly.

Thamar de Araújo

"It's such a simple thing, but so full of meaning. And it continues to this day," Araújo said. "It's very beautiful, an incredible connection of love and affection."