Super Chubby Bear Captured On Video Surprises Researchers With His Chonk

He's huge 😳

As the days shorten and chillier weather continues to move in, bears all over the world are fattening up ahead of their long winter sleep. But if packing on the pounds was a contest, this particular bear would take the cake — and surely eat it, too.

Recently, researchers from the Voyageurs Wolf Project shared remarkable footage captured on one of their trail cameras in Minnesota. No, it wasn’t of a wolf. But rather a bear who’d clearly done a lot of wolfing down.

“This might be THE fattest bear we have ever seen in our area!” the group wrote.

Here’s that fat bear now:

Bears who tip the scale at 500 pounds can lose a whopping 100 pounds over the course of their winter hibernation. There’s no telling how much this especially plump bear weighs exactly, but from the looks of it, he’ll still be a big boy when he wakes up in spring.

His efforts to find food have obviously paid off.

“Unfortunately, we only got one video of this beauty, but it is enough to appreciate the bear's curves and figure,” Voyageurs Wolf Project wrote. “It worked hard for that body!”