Stunning Video Shows A Massive Whale Casually Grabbing An Epic Snack

Whoa 😲

Recently, while filming from the sky off the coast of Thailand, wildlife photographer Bertie Gregory captured some incredible footage of a massive whale doing what she does best.

She was grabbing a snack — and in epic style, no less.


According to Gregory, the whale he captured on film is an Eden's whale, typically found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. While any sighting of this species is certainly breathtaking, Gregory found this particular whale in the middle of an especially impressive feeding technique.

While poised in the water with her mouth agape at the surface, the whale casually draws dozens of fish into the "pool" she's created — finally swooping them all up in one epic bite.

Here's that scene on video:

As Gregory notes, some believe this feeding technique is actually an adaptation of sorts, taking advantage of unfortunate environmental changes caused by human activity.

"This extraordinary behavior (where the whale treads water!) is thought to have developed because pollution has made the Gulf of Thailand a hypoxic environment," he noted, adding: "This means the whale’s fish prey can only live in this [more oxygenated ocean] surface layer."

In other words, the whale's feeding method is perfectly crafted for the changing situation — a regrettable new reality, but one that suggests these majestic animals have, for better or worse, learned to endure.