Stray Puppies Looking For Help Were Seconds Away From Crossing Busy Road

Someone stepped in to save them just in time ❤️

Huddled together on the curb near a busy road in Palmdale, California, two puppy siblings peered at the traffic whizzing by, perhaps hoping someone might see them and offer a hand.

puppies near road

Eventually the puppies tried to cross the road, and that’s when a woman spotted them and rushed over. She quickly contacted MaeDay Rescue, and soon help was on the way.

puppies near road

The hungry puppies happily complied with their rescuers. In no time, they were piled in the back seat of a car, ready to head somewhere safe so they could recover.

“Both pups were submissive, so they laid down, which made it easy to pick them up,” a representative from the rescue told The Dodo. “You could tell they were scared and knew they'd be safe in the car.”

puppies in car

The rescuers posted a video of the dogs’ story here:

Finally out of harm’s way, the puppies, later named Kona and Oscar, were able to truly relax. Their personalities began to shine.

“Kona was a bit calmer and gave tiny kisses,” the rescue representative said. “While [Oscar] was a goofy, active boy who loved to get into anything he could. Both very sweet and smart!”

Both pups quickly recovered from their ordeal. Their charming, playful personalities made them great candidates for so many families. Now they just had to find the right ones. Kona was first to find her perfect fit.

“This gorgeous gal … will never be discarded again,” the rescue wrote in a post. “Her new family is obsessed with her and is already surrounding her with so much love!”

Not long after, Oscar found a family of his own.

“[Oscar] loves his new family [and] is obsessed with his big brother!” the rescue wrote in a post. “This is truly the perfect home for him [and] we are honored that we got to be part of his journey to a happy ending!”

Though their story began in a dark place, it’s clear that these siblings will never have to worry about making it on their own ever again.

To support other dogs like Kona and Oscar, make a donation to MaeDay Rescue here