Stray Parakeet Lands On Boy's Hand And Asks To Be Adopted

It was a total Disney moment 😊

Chris Meli and his son Kayden were outside their home in Clearwater, Florida, playing catch when someone unexpectedly joined their game.

A tiny blue bird landed at Kayden’s feet, and when he took a step back to give the bird some space, the parakeet followed. 

Stray parakeet asks boy for help
Chris Meli

The bird walked with him a couple of steps and then flew up and landed on his hand. For a second, it was as if Meli and his son were in a Disney film.

“Kayden was smiling ear to ear as this was the first time he’d touched a bird,” Meli told The Dodo. “Immediately, he asked if we could keep it.” 

Bird lands on boy's hand
Chris Meli

Meli and Kayden brought the bird inside and named him Blue. They posted on lost bird pages looking for Blue’s owner, but nobody seemed to recognize the stray parakeet.

“I’ve gathered they get lost often, but do not survive very long in the wild,” Meli said. “If I had to guess, he was farm-raised because his wings are not clipped, nor was he tagged like pet stores usually do.”

Lost bird asks boy for help
Chris Meli

Over the past few days, Blue has started to get comfortable in his new home. Meli gives Blue plenty of freedom — leaving his birdcage door open so he can fly around and check out his new surroundings. The friendly bird will eagerly land on anyone’s finger, but he has a special bond with Kayden. 

“Only with Kayden will he [land on] his shoulder and hang out there,” Meli said. “He is also becoming vocal, we whistle at him and he will chirp back.”

It’s not surprising to Meli that the bird chose to ask Kayden for help. “Kayden has some weird thing with animals — he seems to be calming to them,” Meli said. “Over the years, my mother-in-law and wife have called him the animal whisperer.”

Chris Meli

Meli is still hoping to reunite Blue with his owners but is otherwise happy to have him as part of the family. And while Blue seems content to hang out with Kayden all day, Meli is considering adding another bird to the family.

“We are possibly thinking about getting another one so Blue can have a companion,” Meli said.