Guy Running To The Bank Did Not Expect To Rescue A Kitten Today

"She ran out and jumped right in my arms.”

Dan Yavetz was making a run to the local bank in Silver Spring, Maryland, when he got a bit distracted on his way inside. But the little detour was all worth it when he unexpectedly saved a life.

“I heard this little ‘meow’ coming from underneath the cars parked in front of the bank,” Yavetz told The Dodo. “I got down, and I saw a kitten hiding, and I called out to her. Surprisingly enough, she ran out and jumped right in my arms.”

Stray kitten jumps into man's arms
Dan Yavetz

The kitten was ready to be rescued and could tell that Yavetz was the right man to help.

“Instead of having to coax her out and work on her, she ran out right away, and I grabbed her, and she started purring and was really comfortable,” Yavetz said. “She was a beautiful-looking baby cat.”

Instagram/Aspen Hill Exxon

Yavetz assumed that the friendly cat had escaped from the animal hospital in the shopping center, so he went to return her. “I went in and said, ‘Who’s missing a cat?’ and nobody claimed her,” Yavetz said.

Dan Yavetz

The veterinary staff scanned the kitten for a microchip, but when they didn’t find one, Yavetz brought the cat back to his automotive shop and gas station to finish out the workday.

“She’s totally a road cat,” Yavetz said. “She was riding on my shoulder on the way home, sitting in the passenger seat. Real cool, not skittish or anything, just full of love and full of energy.”

Dan Yavetz

With two cats already at home, Yavetz knew he needed to find the kitten a family of her own. But after a few days taking care of her, he’d already gotten attached.

That’s when the perfect solution presented itself: His 8-year-old daughter’s best friend’s family was looking to adopt a cat. “It’s the best of both worlds — not only did I find a good home for this cat, but we’re always going over there for the kids to hang out, so I get to see her a lot, too,” Yavetz said.

Dan Yavetz

The kitten, now named Lily, is having a blast at her new home. But she’s always happy when Yavetz stops by for a visit.

“Every time we go over there, she’s always bouncing around, she loves the cat tower and scratching post, and she’s a big snuggler," Yavetz said.

For more updates on Lily, you can follow Yavetz on Instagram.