Stray Dog Chooses To Follow Woman Home — At The Perfect Time

“Sometimes you have a situation you think you’re not ready for, and fate steps in..."

Walking down her neighborhood sidewalk, Karen couldn’t help but notice someone was following her.

A nervous German shepherd had been padding along the pavement right behind, clearly interested but keeping a careful distance.

dog following woman

“I wasn’t scared of her following,” Karen, who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo. “At first, I tried to get her to come up to me, but she was too scared. I sat on the curb and waited.”

Karen worried the dog may have been abandoned because of her breed, and she immediately felt connected to her. She couldn’t leave her alone.

dog behind woman

She learned that the stray pup had been spotted in the area many times, but no one had been able to gain her trust.

“Everyone tried to catch her — humane society, neighbors and security,” Karen said.

For some reason, the skittish dog felt safer around Karen. After much patience and coaxing, the pup allowed Karen to bring her home.

“I was the first one she allowed close enough,” Karen said. “I am really amazed at how these things happen.”

dog with head in woman's hand

The pairing seemed like fate. After losing her beloved golden retriever, Lola, in 2019, Karen had been considering getting another dog but was still on the fence. She had no idea her new best friend would literally walk into her life. She quickly fell in love and named the dog Nala.

“Nala followed me and removed any fears I had [of] finally getting a dog,” Karen said. “Sometimes you have a situation you think you’re not ready for, and fate steps in and says, ‘Umm, yeah, you are.’”

Karen made a video documenting her experience and it soon went viral online. You can watch it here:


I’m surprised my reel touched so many people, but so happy people care about rescue!” Karen said.

dog smiling

Karen had shared what she thought was the whole story, but Nala was hiding one more surprise.

When Nala started showing signs of bloating and sickness, Karen worried that something was wrong. She went to the vet for an expert opinion.

Soon it became clear — Nala wasn’t sick, she was pregnant.

Within days, Nala gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

dog with puppies

“Nala is the best mom!” Karen said. “I’m still in major shock and beyond happy!”

The vet guessed that Karen found Nala when she was four weeks along, but since she hadn’t been eating much, Nala wasn’t showing obvious signs of pregnancy. It wasn’t until Karen started feeding Nala regular meals that the situation became clear.

“These moments that happen can take you to places you never dreamed,” Karen said.

black puppies

Karen could never have anticipated the crazy road Nala would lead her down when they met by chance on a walk that day — but she wouldn’t trade her experience, or her new dog, for the world.

“All I can do now is make sure she’s safe and happy forever,” Karen said. “I saved her, but she saved me, too.”

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