Stray 'Cat' Napping On Woman's Couch Turns Out To Be Someone Wild

“She was truly precious.”

The other morning started out like any other for Stella Bagley, beginning her day at home in California — but then Bagley discovered she had an unexpected guest. The visitor was just outside her back window on the patio, curled up and dozing away.

“[I] saw what I thought was a cat laying on my patio furniture,” Bagley told The Dodo.

But this was no cat.

Stella Bagley

As the morning sun rose in the sky, the sleepy-headed visitor began to stir — revealing her true identity.

Stella Bagley

“When I got closer, I realized it was the most beautiful little fox I had ever seen,” Bagley said. “I was thrilled."

Stella Bagley

The fox was now awake, but she seemed none-too-eager to leave her cozy spot on the couch.

“She was truly precious,” Bagley said. “I watched her and took pictures on the sly because I didn’t want to scare her off.”

Stella Bagley

After a few moments, the little fox decided it was time to start her morning. She rose to her feet and had a hearty stretch.

The fox had things to do that day, after all — and Bagley got a front-row seat to watch.

Stella Bagley

“She chased a squirrel and lazily watched the birds bathing in my bird bath. She didn’t leave until it got dark. I was sad to see her go,” Bagley said. “I keep hoping she will return. She is always welcome to relax in my safe environment.”