Stray Cat Hops Into Cop's Car And Turns Into A Puddle In His Lap

"You've come across the right people, pretty cat."

Stop, in the name of the aww.

When it comes to this sweet cat, not even the cops can say no.

Fundacja "Koty z Kociej"

Last week, police in Poland were dispatched to the scene of a minor traffic accident. Though that may have started off as a routine kind of call, what happened next was anything but.

While one of the officers sat in his patrol car with the door open to write an incident report, a friendly stray cat evidently saw her opportunity. Disregarding the cop's attempts to tackle the paperwork, the cat hopped aboard and demanded he pay attention to her instead.

As you'll see, she basically turned into a puddle in his lap:

"[The cat] tried to prevent a policeman from handling a collision,” Slaska Police wrote. “The animal didn't have a collar, but is very social and hugging people.”

Sensing the cat was homeless or lost, the cops decided to keep her safe. The cat's charms had clearly won them over.

Julia Orawska

A local rescue organization has been spreading the word just in case the cat does have a family who's looking for her. In the meantime, she remains in the loving company of the officer whom she had "detained" with her snuggles.

Her plan had worked.

"That video in the police car was touching," one commenter remarked online. "You've come across the right people, pretty cat."