Kind Street Musician Plays Lullaby For Tired Stray Cat

He looks so cozy 😴

When a stray cat wandered up to a kind stranger’s performance, he wasn’t looking for a concert — he only wanted a warm place to nap.

Luckily, that’s exactly what he found.

The tired feline took a good look around an Istanbul metro station before finding the perfect spot to cuddle up and snooze. The cat walked right up to a man playing an instrument, but he paid no attention to the musical performance. The man’s case held his Cura — a stringed folk instrument from Turkey — and it looked so cozy, that the cat decided it was the best place to rest his eyes.

cat sleeps in stranger's instrument bag
Reddit user Alpmaboi

“I saw that cat in Metro İstanbul,” Alp, the man who took the sweet picture, told The Dodo. “As you can understand by the photo, it is a stray cat. Unfortunately, I do not know the name.”

Alp didn’t want to bother the cat, so he quietly pulled out his phone to get the shot before stepping away.

“In Istanbul you can see street cats all over the place,” Alp said. “We do not call them ‘strays’ here because usually people feed [them] and feel like they own them …[We] let them wander around.”

Alp added that he’d never seen this particular performer or this cat before, but he was happy to stumble upon them both. Alp enjoyed watching the peaceful cat, and the cat seemed content letting the music lull him to sleep in the midst of a busy city.