Stolen Dog Immediately Demands A Hug When She's Reunited With Her Dad

“I got you and I’ll never let you go.”

Aaron Morris and his service dog, Jolene, had just moved from Michigan to North Carolina when they pulled into a Dollar General on Friday.

Morris left his pup outside while he quickly picked up a few things at the store. But what he didn’t realize was that someone had been following him.

Man has an emotional reunion with service dog
Facebook/Aaron Morris

When he returned after a few brief minutes, his car was gone, along with nearly everything he owned, including Jolene. It was the first time in six years he’d been without her, and he didn’t know what to do.

This was my guardian angel. My best friend. I told her everything. We did everything [together],” Morris wrote on Facebook. “I need her back in my arms ... This is destroying my heart.” 

Jolene, a pittie mix, was stolen at a North Carolina gas station
Facebook/Aaron Morris

Morris didn’t care about getting the car back, or his wallet, or his phone — all he wanted was Jolene. But as the days passed, he began to lose hope.

Nearby, at the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee, a brown Lab/pit bull mix was dropped off by a Good Samaritan. She’d been found as a stray wandering the streets, but the shelter workers noticed she was still wearing a pink collar and tag.

The tag read “Jolene,” but when they tried the phone number, it didn’t go through. So the shelter posted a photo of the pup on Facebook. Morris’ phone had been stolen along with his car, but thanks to the social media site, Jolene and Morris found each other again.

Morris drove to Tennessee the moment he got the news, and as soon as Jolene saw her dad come through the door, her tail started wagging and she ran up to give him a kiss.

But that wasn’t enough to show how much she’d missed him, so she jumped right in his arms to give him the happiest hug.

You can watch the emotional reunion here:

“I got you,” Morris told Jolene. “And I’ll never let you go.”

Now, Morris and Jolene can truly start a new life together in a new place with everything they need: each other.