Squirrel Thought He Committed The Perfect Crime — But His Nose Gives Him Away

Busted 😂

Usually, when a thieving squirrel strikes, any evidence about the specific culprit is merely circumstantial. So, after committing a recent robbery, this fluffy-tailed scofflaw had good reason to believe he’d get away scot free.

But he was wrong.

Alexis Brown

The other day, Shanna B. brought home an ice cream cake for a friend’s birthday party being held at her house. The fridge inside was full, however, so she decided to leave the cake on her porch in the freezing air outside until the time came to serve it.

This would soon prove to have been a huge mistake.

Halfway through the party, Shanna's partner looked out the window onto the porch and noticed that the birthday cake had been ransacked. Naturally, her thought was, “Oh no!”

Alexis Brown

Who could have done such a thing? The answer soon became crystal clear.

“A split second later, [my partner] noticed the squirrel sitting on the deck rail,” Shanna told The Dodo. “The ‘oh no!’ became hysterical laughter.”

The squirrel’s nose was covered in blue frosting, yet he was still trying to play it cool.

Alexis Brown

“The squirrel sat there almost motionless while everyone at the house came to the deck door to observe,” Shanna said.

By then, he'd already left his mark.

Alexis Brown

Indeed, the cake was too far gone at that point for the partygoers to want to eat any of it themselves. But fortunately, Shanna was able to run to the store and find a replacement.

When she returned, she noticed the squirrel was back at it near the first cake. Only this time, he’d brought a friend to share in the spoils.

It was actually kind of sweet.

Alexis Brown

In the end, the party was able to carry on without further incident. But Shanna did decide to throw away the first cake to keep the squirrels from eating too much and possibly getting a stomach ache.

Going forward, though, Shanna said that she will think twice before leaving any other tasty confections outside her house unattended — coming to terms with the fact that there’s an unscrupulous, sweet-toothed squirrel living in her yard.

“I will definitely be more careful now,” Shanna said.