Sports Announcers Can’t Stop Laughing After Dog Decides To Interrupt Game

“The dog has the ball!”

As a sport, cricket ranks among the most complicated when it comes to the rules — that is, if you follow them.

This pup clearly does not.

Twitter/Ireland Women’s Cricket

The other day, during a women’s cricket tournament in Ireland, gameplay was interrupted in the most adorable way when a small dog decided to get in on the action.

Running onto the pitch, the random pup quickly took possession of the ball — causing other players to frantically chase after her in order to get it back.

The happy dog’s actions did put a brief halt to the match, but the announcers commenting on the game hardly seemed to mind, at least. In fact, they couldn’t stop laughing.

Here’s that moment on video:

Turns out, the dog wasn't a total stranger. In fact, she was a fan. Her mom was actually one of the players on the field, from the team Civil Service North.

Her name is Dazzle, and she likes playing with cricket balls.

Twitter/Civil Service North

Dazzle's time on the pitch that day was short lived; she was eventually scooped up by her owner and moved back to the sidelines so the match could continue. But for a few brief moments, the notoriously complex game of cricket was suddenly much easier to grasp.